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It feels very off when you visit a house or an office with mold on walls, ceiling, or carpets even for a very short time.

You may literally smell it and if your nose is super sensitive, you may have to leave from there immediately. The biggest concern while dealing with mold is the health problems that can follow if you don’t take care of the problem as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately, this fungus takes a while to form, and by the time you notice the signs, it may already be too late for your favored floor covering or any other affected area of your home. 

Early detection is a perfect win

The sooner you detect mold in your home – either because of the smell or thanks to a visual inspection – the better. 

When you notice the problem, the main thing is to find the source of the moisture that caused the fungus to develop. 

It could be anything from a leak in the roof to a dripping pipe. Whatever the cause, this is the first course of action as there is no point in taking care of the mold if you don’t take care of the leak that caused it in the first place.

Say goodbye to your carpet

If you’ve detected carpet mold fast enough, you may be able to simply treat and clean the affected area and get rid of it. However, if a larger area of the carpet has been affected, and was then neglected for too long, your only option may be to remove all of it and then get a new one. 

One of the biggest causes of moldy carpets isn’t the fabric itself, but the underlayment material beneath it. 

This material is often quite spongy and absorbent, and as such, it can create the perfect moist environment that funguses loves. If you’re faced with a large-scale problem, it is safer to remove all the carpet and install a new one with a moisture resistant underlayment.

Prevention is better than cure

The best cure for mold is prevention, and not only with your carpet, but with the rest of your property as well. 

Clean up any liquid spills as soon as they happen and keep a towel over the spilled area overnight to absorb any remaining moisture. 

Also, make sure your home is well ventilated and open a few windows and doors, even if it is just for a short time during colder months. The other alternative is to remove the carpeting from your home altogether and install timber laminate floors or tiles. 

You can always add a few rugs which will still give the room warmth but will be so much easier to take out and clean when necessary. 

Don’t follow the “DIY” culture when it comes to “Mold”.

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