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Whether you bought a property that is newly built or moved in a house that is a decade old, water damage on drywall can become a considerable hazard for you as a new homeowner. It is, in fact, a common cause of property damage. If not handled and repaired on time and correctly, it can even lead to structural damages. 

Effective Ways To Identify Drywall Water Damage:

The first thing you should do when you notice water damage on the drywall is to schedule a consultation with drywall water damage repair professionals. If you are looking for recommendations, do check out The Drywall Surgeon. They have the experience and the expertise and even offer one year warranty on all their workmanship. 

Are you thinking, “Hey, aren’t there any DIY solutions to reverse the drywall water damage?” 

It is best to let a professional diagnose the damage and repair it as the structural integrity of your house may be at stake. Also, delaying repairs will only end up adding to the cost while aggravating the damage. 

Spotting water damage signs can be a tricky business as they may be gradual and hidden. Here are a few things that should alarm you according to the drywall water damage repair professionals at The Drywall Surgeon

1. Damp or Musty Odor

It is hard to miss that distinct smell of damp walls or ceilings. If you are troubled by that smell, there are high chances that it is accompanied by a moldy odor. Both are indicators of water damage.

2. Staining or Discoloration 

Have you noticed discoloration on the ceiling or distinct yellow patches on your interior or exterior walls? They are a tell-tale sign of water damage. 

Get in touch with drywall professionals before the patches become more prominent in size, causing further damage. 

3. Flaking or Peeling Paint or Wallpaper 

Peeling or flaking paint or wallpaper is often a sign that water damage has started penetrating your drywall. If not treated right away, the damage will impact the wall’s surface layer soon.

The visible damage may just be the tip of the iceberg. It is vital that you contact experienced drywall professionals to inspect the damage extent and suggest remedial measures. 

4. Soaring Utility Bills 

If your water bill has been burning a hole in your pocket off late, but your water usage has been constant, there can be a hidden leak, and leaks cause water damage.

Never ignore the above-mentioned water damage signs. Contact drywall water damage repair professionals without delay. 

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